An Easier Way
to inspiring space 

If you are facing home space constraints, the headache of DIY solutions, or the hassle of working through the expensive design-build process yourself, then Origin Studio’s simple setup studios may be exactly what you need. 


We provide elevating space with inspiring designs through easily accessible turnkey solutions that won’t disrupt your busy lives. 


We reduce the risks associated with traditional building approaches by creating transparent fixed pricing, and convenient plug and play solutions. 


Managing contractors, change orders, and inflating invoices, while your yard becomes a muddy construction site, is one approach. But there is an easier way.

ORIGIN STUDIO responds to these needs by providing convenience, function and design. 

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Our offsite construction makes delivery and installation an easier solution that avoids all the interruptions and management associated with traditional building methods. 


No hassle hiring and managing contractors,

No construction site at your home, no noise or nuisance in your neighborhood, 

No hidden costs or managing cost overruns, 


✓ Quicker than traditional builds, no weather delays – manufactured indoors and offsite,

✓ Highest quality, designer materials, curated nationally,

✓ Lower price than custom solutions.

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