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Pre-fab ADU exterior view with grey wall and a stone path leading to large glass door


As simple as we try to keep it, there are still lots of questions. Here are answers to the most common questions. We're happy to provide any additional details. 

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+ How is the structure shipped?

We now ship nationally from Columbus, IN. We ship our units assembled on a truck and place them on the foundation through various methods, depending on site access. 


+ How is the structure placed?

Depending on the site, different equipment will be used to place or assemble the structure on the foundation. We will make arrangements for a crane, fork lift, or alternative equipment in preparation for arrival so the unit can be unloaded and put into place. The cost of this service is included in the price of the unit. We will be on site to work with local contractors or the crane company if feasible or send a qualified representative.


+ What foundation is required?

Origin Studio can be placed on either slab, on grade, or concrete pillar. We will assist you in selecting the best foundation for your site. If we can’t visit your site in person, we will request pictures and information on where you plan to place it so our engineers and architects can design the foundation and complete construction drawings. These drawings can be provided to the contractor of your choice for quotes and completion. 


+ Can I keep my unit on a trailer to stay mobile?

Our Studios can stay on a trailer if you want to be mobile. If you choose a trailer, we will build your unit on the trailer and deliver it to your doorstep. The cost of the 20 foot trailer is $8,000. 


+ Do I require a permit?

Every jurisdiction is different but generally, if you are connecting to utilities like water and sewer then you will need a permit. But if the units is less than a certain square foot threshold (under 200 sf generally) like our Zen Den and detached from your primary dwelling unit, then you do not need a permit. We encourage you to inform your local jurisdiction and confirm permit requirements. We can handle the entire permitting process for you and may charge a small fee to cover our time. 


+ Can I change the dimensions?

Yes, you can adjust the dimensions to fit your space. Changes will be priced accordingly and windows and other details will be modified. Individual designs outside these parameters can be completed on a commissioned basis. If you want the Zen Den to come fully assembled then we need to keep the width at 8’-6” or less than 10'. This width enables us to transport the unit fully assembled and without extensive transportation permitting.


+ Can I add a bathroom?

Yes, we can add plumbing and bathroom options in The Zen Den. Additional local permitting is required for these utilities. The Lalit studio comes with a bathroom. 


+ Can I use the unit in the winter?

Absolutely! We designed the space precisely to endure winters and manage the elements. We accomplished by using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) that create the highest insulation R-value and an airtight seal. We have chosen the next generation, high-tech graphine heated floors systems to keep the space warm. Graphine is an ultralow wattage technology that utilizes nanotechnology to create the most efficient transfer of electricity to heat, of any material.


+ How about keeping it cool in the summer?

We have designed our units to provide airflow during the summer months through operable windows, high ceilings and a built in exhaust fan that draws hot air up and out. The Zen Den comes wired and prepared for AC while The Lalit comes with an AC mini split included.


+ Do you offer financing?

Not yet. We are working on some partnerships with financial institutions.

Any other question? Submit here and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks. We will get back to your shortly.

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