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Coming Soon: our new 2024 design, Encanto, a 400 SF 1 bed, 1 bath


Expand your home overnight with bright, elevating, comfortable studio space for work or rest.

We provide inspiring designs through pre-fab turnkey solutions that won’t disrupt your busy life. 

Our modular studios and accessory dwellings are made-to-order and customized in concert with you.

prefab ADU's interior view with a bronze telescope white cabinets and chairs made by trusty contractors near me

Our Studios

We worked with great care and attention on our newest space called Casa Zama. Zama means "dawn" in Mayan, and was the original name for the town of Tulum on the Caribbean Sea, the place that first received sunlight in the Mayan kingdom each day. We want Casa Zama to be a place to rest, rise and shine at the dawn of each day. At 300 Sq Ft, this unit is a larger version of the Zen Den with full bath, kitchen and living space. 

Casa Zama

300 SF

The Lalit

After the success of the Zen Den, we expanded our studio to accommodate a bed, bath and kitchen and create a full suite. At 250 sq ft this studio can be used as an in-law suite, an Airbnb rental, or a backyard retreat. Pronounced Laleet, this name in Hindi means beauty and elegance, and is the name of a traditional song played at the dawn of day for serenity. It's the perfect name for the inspiration behind this design.

200 SF

How it works

The Zen Den

The Zen Den was our first design, a studio space to work and create. 200 square feet of elevating space with heated floors make this a cozy space for an office, she-shed, reading room, exercise room, or whatever you desire. Without a bathroom or plumbing, and being less than 200 sf, this unit is easy to permit in most towns as an accessory unit. We also offer this model with a bathroom.

200 SF

prefab ADU's exterior view with brown and grey glass wall placed on grass in backyard next to a swing

How it Works

We defined four steps to keep it super simple for you.

Confirm Fit 

Review your local permitting and site access to confirm this solution works for you. 

Customize Your Design

Customize your design with us and select elements from our materials catalogue -- windows, flooring, heating/cooling, and siding. Then place your order. We will produce detailed design documents for permitting and construction. We will construct your unit in approximately 12 weeks. 

Lay the Foundation & Connection

Meanwhile, we will help you arrange to have your foundation poured and lay the utility connections for the studio. 

Delivery & Placement

We will deliver your Studio to your home and place it on the foundation. After connecting the utilities, it is ready to occupy.




Our offsite construction makes delivery and installation an easy plug and play solution that avoids all the interruptions and management associated with traditional building methods. No need to manage contractors, change orders, or inflating invoices, while your yard becomes a muddy construction site.

We use the highest quality and most innovative building materials on the market, integrating elements like graphine heated floors and heat pump water heaters that provide the highest possible energy efficiency. We designed the space precisely to endure winters and maintain comfort in four-seasons. 


We customize each studio, turning your dreams into our designs, to produce beautiful, functional, down-to-earth spaces that prioritize your well-being. Our designs take advantage of the opportunity to create a container in closer proximity to nature, and then support our relationship with it. 

prefab ADU's interior view with a bronze telescope white cabinets and chairs
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Adu's exterior view with large glass sliding door surrounded by trees

“I just had a moment of awe looking towards all of these incredible windows; the fall colors coming to life just outside this clean, pure space. What a juxtaposition. The wild and the meticulous creative spirit at work.  It’s like images of architecture amidst nature. Always my favorite. ”

Aaron Becker, Author and illustrator of children's books. He is best known for his wordless children's book Journey, which received acclaim in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and a Caldecott Honor in 2014.

Tiny house Origin Studio's satisfied customer artist drawing on a white paper
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