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The Zen Den

170 sq. ft. of zen space for work or rest

The Process

1. Confirm Fit

Review your local permitting, size and use to confirm this is the best solution for you. Or let us take care of it for a small fee to cover our time.

4. Delivery & Placement

We will deliver your Studio to your home and place it on the foundation. It is ready to occupy on delivery.

2. Select Your Design - Construction Begins

Select the features you want, regarding windows, heated floor, and floor color. Then place your order. We will construct your unit within 6 weeks or less. 

3. Lay the Foundation

Meanwhile, we will arrange to have your foundation poured, either concrete pillars or slab. Both are simple projects. 

How We Keep It Simple

Our offsite construction makes delivery and installation an easy plug and play solution that avoids all the interruptions and management associated with traditional building methods. 


No hassle hiring and managing contractors,

No construction site at your home, no noise or nuisance in your neighborhood, 

No hidden costs or managing cost overruns, 


Quicker than traditional builds, no weather delays – manufactured indoors and offsite,

Highest quality, designer materials, curated nationally,

Lower price than custom solutions.

Consumer Economics

Investing in an Origin Studio has the following benefits:

  • it has a lower price per square foot than fixed real estate,

  • it adds value to your property and home,

  • the cost may be a tax deductible as home office space expense,

  • it can be property tax-free (based on local ordinances)

  • it can serve as an Airbnb and provide rental income.

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